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[PL] Jak uniknąć problemu constructor dependencies hell?

Bardzo często obserwuję szybką degradację jakości kodu, pomimo tego że programiści stosują dependency injection. Sprzyja temu niestety słaby design wielu systemów zawierających dziesiątki klas typu manager … albo service (ostatecznie przecież każdy system można zamodelować za pomocą zestawu service plus encja 🙂 ), cierpiących z powodu ciągle rozrastającej się listy zależności. Sytuacja taka – co powinno […]

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HATEOAS with Nancy – being really RESTful

Have you ever thought about your HTTP API style? Have you thought how to decouple client and server to provide their full independence? Richardson Maturity Model is the concept you have to get familiar with. It’s simply a framework introduced in order to classify APIs into four levels depending on how they take advantage of […]

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“Maybe” class concept in C#

Some time ago I had the misfortune to use third party component without having any documentation. After introducing integration tests to the project (what is, by the way one of the best practices to get familiar with external code without looking into it)  I discovered API to be inconsistent. It occurred that, sometimes null returned from methods […]

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Autofac features you might not know

As promised we’re going to take a look at a few advanced Autofac’s features and reimplement a little bit example from previous post. First of all we need to update Application class by replacing Func delegate dependency with Autofac.Features.Indexed.IIndex<K, V> relationship type. It has become our new factory: All concrete strategy classes are registered using keyed services feature […]

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Factory, Strategy and StructureMap

While implementing business requirements in our systems, very often there’s a need to add new behavior without breakng SOLID principles. It can be achieved by using strategy together with factory pattern. Let’s have a look at such example in hypothetical project with StructureMap DI container.   Strategy pattern implementation turns out to be fairly straighforward. We simply create two […]

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3 2 1 Start!

Forrest Gump’s mother used to say: “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. Here, I hope you’ll find valuable content regarding broadly defined software engineering. Enjoy 🙂

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